Mobile Robots

Are you looking to maximize efficiency and safety? Reduce labor costs, plant liabilities and maintenance? Eliminate product damage and ensure precise process flow and delivery while operating around the clock? Let an AutoGuide Mobile Robot System lead the way. Visit Auto Guide to Learn More!

Why Use Mobile Robots?

Think you can't afford Mobile Robots? Heartland Automation's AutoGuide Mobile Robots have one of the industry's best ROI's with paybacks in as fast as 6 months.


Lower price, more features and delivery in weeks instead of months. So you can start increasing your productivity and bottom line sooner.


By offering flexible navigation options such as magnetic induction and Natural Feature guidance technologies, AutoGuide Mobile Robots are easy to install and modify.


We offer a full line up of Mobile Robotic products built in Georgetown, KY. This allows for us to create cost effective products that are always in stock and ready for integration at your facility.

Looking for Mobile Robots?

Engineered with modular designs and innovative features, our AutoGuide Mobile Robots (AGVs) are affordable and backed by a comprehensive range of end-to-end support to deliver maximum value to your operation, no matter what your industry is.

Tunneling Mobile Robots

Engineered to tunnel under load handling frames, our AutoGuide low profile Mobile Robots glide smoothly under a cart and automatically hitch via a programmable pin assembly. They then autonomously transport the load and unhitch before moving on to the next target. These compact AGVs use magnetic tape guidance to transport loads up to 4,400 pounds.

Check out AutoGuide for more information!

Tugger Mobile Robots

Ever wonder why there’s never a tug tractor around when you need one? Because our AutoGuide tugger vehicles follow a pre-programmed, predictable path, you’ll always know where your Mobile Robots are as they move critical work-in-process, deliver key components lineside on a just-in-time basis, or transport inventory to and from storage.

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Traffic Management Software

Manage, monitor, and track your mobile robot system with our leading-edge AVINU traffic control software. AVINU communicates to each vehicle via a wireless Ethernet connection and provides graphic displays of all Mobile Robots and their current status-mapped to your floor plan-in real time. Two versions of AVINU are available to meet your needs.

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"[Heartland Automation] offered creative solutions to make sure that their AGVs would work in our plant. They were very hands-on and always had a quick reaction time for the requests we made. [Heartland Automation] AGVs help us to be more competitive. Our decision to work with them has paid off in a good way."

Mike McNulty, Plant Manager

Our Integration Process

Our sales engineers work with a customer to identify a need, and provide high level options for automation solutions with broad estimates of investment and ROI calculations.

Once the customer reviews the options and develops a scope of work, or RFQ, the project is placed with our professional application engineering team. Our team works with the customer to provide a personalized detailed quote.

Upon receiving the purchase order from the customer for the equipment, a project manager is assigned who will follow the project through design, assembly in our facility, customer buy off, installation at the customer site, and start up support.

Let's Get Started!

Heartland Automation provides manufacturing and material handling solutions to a world on the move. With today’s global competition, gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace is vital to success and automating operations wherever possible promotes that effort. We have no doubt that we can help improve your production process.

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