Welding Systems

Having a partner with the experience to design, build and install your custom welding solution, means single point for success. We specialize in both single cell or full system arc and spot welding equipment.

Our Welding Expertise

We specialize in both single cell or full system arc and spot welding equipment and can integrate with material handling robots in developing a complete solution.


Whether it’s new robots or reuse of older equipment, we can design a system that meets your budgetary needs.


Our birth as an integrator began in the area of robotic welding with a top automotive manufacturer in Georgetown, Kentucky.


With the experienced team at Heartland Automation, we can design and build a custom weld solution in 16-24 weeks in most cases.

"[Heartland Automation] offered creative solutions to make sure that their AGVs would work in our plant. They were very hands-on and always had a quick reaction time for the requests we made. [Heartland Automation] AGVs help us to be more competitive. Our decision to work with them has paid off in a good way."

Mike McNulty, Plant Manager

Our Integration Process

Our sales engineers work with a customer to identify a need, and provide high level options for automation solutions with broad estimates of investment and ROI calculations.

Once the customer reviews the options and develops a scope of work, or RFQ, the project is placed with our professional application engineering team. Our team works with the customer to provide a personalized detailed quote.

Upon receiving the purchase order from the customer for the equipment, a project manager is assigned who will follow the project through design, assembly in our facility, customer buy off, installation at the customer site, and start up support.

Let's Get Started!

Heartland Automation provides manufacturing and material handling solutions to a world on the move. With today’s global competition, gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace is vital to success and automating operations wherever possible promotes that effort. We have no doubt that we can help improve your production process.

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